The River Ministries Inc.

Sharing God's Love with the World

The River Ministries 

Men's Ministries

Tuesday @ 6:30 am join the men in prayer by conference call. 

1-712-775-7031 pin code 353289#

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MUG –2019

(Men Under God)

Interdenominational fellowship for men & boys 

8:00 A.M., 2nd Saturday 

Statement of Faith: The only way of salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ alone, of the Bible.

Statement of Purpose: To encourage one another in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to propagate His Gospel in our communities.

April 13 - Walker Baptist Church 

May 11    - Topaz Open Bible Church 

Sept 14   - Smith Valley Baptist 

Oct 12     - Mason Valley SB Church 

Nov 09    - Walker Baptist Church 


Children's ministry:

TRE Church in Wellington, NV

Sunday night @ 6:00